Mental Health Support for Young People

Visyon recognises and addresses the mental health issues affecting children and young people across East Cheshire.  Challenges facing these children (some as young as 4 years old) include anxiety, depression bereavement, bullying and self-harm.

These children, young people and their families can benefit from a range of support services offered by Visyon with a child-centred approach, tailoring one-to-one therapy and various group sessions depending on the child’s individual needs.

We were pleased to be able to help Visyon with their essential support work by providing funding to improve their facilities at their new site in Crewe.  Our help supports their extension of services to cover a wider area, helping more young people across the region.

How to Apply

The Williams Family Foundation provides grants to local registered charities that are really making a difference to people's lives.
By funding individual projects the aim is to help local charities to achieve their goals.

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