The Joshua Tree Saturday Support Sessions

The Joshua Tree have had a busy year so far, with their continued support for families affected by childhood cancer.

With our help, they have set up a new monthly Saturday club to support the Joshua Tree families and provide some well-deserved fun for the children.  The themed activities have included an Olympic Games day and a Fun Science session with the children being able to enjoy games, crafts and tasty treats.  Parents are given the chance of a relaxing coffee break and are able to use the opportunity of chatting to other parents in a similar position to them.

Health and wellbeing sessions have been included for teenagers attending this group where they can boost their body confidence and emotional wellbeing through a personal trainer.

Thoughts from one of the Joshua Tree teens attending this club,

I didn’t know whether I was going to get my GCSE’s and get into college which stressed me out and I suffered with anxiety. Cancer doesn’t just affect you academically but physically and emotionally. I hated how I looked for a long time. I became very anxious and it set me back.

Mum told me how a guy called Luis could help me. At this point my anxiety went through the roof. I was scared to meet him and I had no idea who he was, but he was amazing. After my first session I was absolutely exhausted but that said I was absolutely lifted, I felt so good, so happy, so motivated and I wanted to go back straight away, I couldn’t wait for my next session.”

Over 100 children and parents have already benefited from the Joshua Tree Saturday Club and with our support this will continue for the rest of 2016.

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The Joshua Tree offer a wide range of help to families impacted by Childhood cancer, here are just some of the ways they help.

  • Emotional Support including 1-2-1 support, play therapy and support groups, or just someone to talk to
  • Practical Support and signposting to sources of information, assistance and advice
  • Family activities and events
  • Supporting the child and their family in achieving the best academic, social and emotional outcomes both in and out of the school environment. This includes liaison with schools to ensure that staff receive information on how best to support a child with cancer or leukaemia.

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